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Umit Oflay


Umit has been working as a physiotherapist since graduation in 1988. He has worked in large acute hospitals for two years and as a physio in occupational rehabilitation in large automotive companies. He has worked in private practice for the last 17 years alongside sporting clubs, varied industries and nursing homes. He has vast experience in treating spinal conditions, sports injuries and chronic pain conditions. Umit utilizes a range of treatment methods including manual therapy, manipulative therapy and exercise prescription.

Umit has also been involved in teaching students and lecturing.


Engin Islak


Engin Islak, Physiotherapist - Bach. Physio, Postgrad. Dip. in Physio., Shiatsu Therapist.

Mr Engin Islak graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey in 1999. He has also completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy at Melbourne University in 2005. He is also registered with The Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Engin has established a strong medical background, working in such hospitals as Epworth Freemasons and St Vincent Hospital. In that period he gained extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries.

After working with physiotherapist Simon Wilson in Essendon, Engin joined the Glenroy Physiotherapy Team in 2005.

Engin's strong analytical and problem-solving skills allow him to recognize and address individual needs and establish appropriate strategies to accommodate these needs. By combining his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and an understanding of the working environment, Engin is able to personalize a program to ensure optimal physical performance for all patients.

Engin specializes in sports injuries, work-related pain and injuries, headaches, postural pain, overuse injuries, back and neck pain and shoulder pain. His personal focus is on the integration of exercise and manual therapy.

Engin completed a 2-year course in Shiatsu Therapy. Shiatsu was developed as a harmonizing therapy to promote health and well-being and has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can simply be described as Japanese manual therapy. It is based on the theory of acupuncture and incorporates principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Shiatsu Therapy involves a range of techniques to apply pressure with fingers, palms, elbows and feet along with the pressure points, stimulating the body's innate ability to heal itself. It is exceptionally effective in reducing stress, a major cause of depression, and alleviating an array of symptoms such as neck, shoulder and back pain, migraines, injuries, muscular pain, asthmatic problems and insomnia.

Engin will be continuing his studies and will go on to do his Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2009. Engin has a big interest in sport, he was playing Handball for the State Victorian Team and represented Australia.


Khanh Ngo


A nationally registered physiotherapist and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

I am experienced in treating patients with sports injuries, neck problems and headache, back injuries and lower back pain, general musculoskeletal disorders, cardiothoracic rehabilitation, as well as neurological problems such as post-cerebral vascular accidents (CVA).

I can also help in geriatric and paediatric cases, for example, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Developmental delays, prevention of fall for the elderly and improving their mobility/quality of life.

I am very approachable, friendly and I employ a holistic approach to my clients, with communication skills.


Emre Akgoz


Emre graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Physiotherapy Practice degree. He is an Australian Physiotherapy Association Member who has completed post-graduate certificates in Mulligan’s techniques, dry needling, spinal injury management & sports training.

He runs a hydrotherapy class for Glenroy Physiotherapy Centre clients every Monday at a private pool facility located within Broadmeadows Health Service with each client having an individualised program based on their own capabilities and goals.

Having completed full level 1-4 DMA Clinical Pilates courses, Emre is specially trained to formulate personalised Clinical Pilates programs based on personalised directional biases including functional progressions.

Emre has also had previous experience working as a physiotherapist at a football club and working at various aged care facilities.

With a passion for research, Emre adopts a client-centred approach built on a solid foundation of critically appraising the highest quality and most recent evidence-based practice.


Talia Oflay


Talia graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice. Talia brings knowledge and clinical skills adopted from a variety of rehabilitative and community settings, having worked in a home-based physiotherapy service, rehabilitation hospitals and other private practices. Talia has recently been involved in developing and implementing an exercise-based program funded by VicHealth with City in the Community, the charity foundation of Melbourne City FC.

Talia has completed the DMA Clinical Pilates courses Units A, B and C, and utilises Clinical Pilates principles to implement personalised programs based on directional preferences and functional needs. Talia is passionate about empowering people to be active throughout their rehabilitation and promoting self-awareness to optimise health.


Joyce Caravas


Joyce graduated from RMIT in 2015 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine), Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) with distinction.

She enjoys treating people of all ages and stages of life, working with musculoskeletal presentations ranging from headaches to foot pain and everything in between. She has a special interest in treating children and pregnancy-related aches and pains. Joyce uses a variety of treatment methods including massage, stretching, joint manipulation, dry needling, cupping and exercise prescription.

Joyce also holds a Certificate IV in Pilates and a Diploma of Clinical Pilates, enabling her to devise personalised Pilates programs for her clients so that they may reduce and manage their pain, improve their functionality, strength and/or fitness levels.

She also runs a hydrotherapy class every Thursday morning at Northern Health’s Broadmeadows Hospital, with each client following their own individualised program.

In her spare time, Joyce enjoys being outdoors, keeping active and spending time with her family and beloved pets.


Joan Bonaddio

Practice manager



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