Engin Islak


Engin Islak, Physiotherapist – Bach. Physio, Postgrad. Dip. in Physio., Shiatsu Therapist.

Mr Engin Islak graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey in 1999. He has also completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Physiotherapy at Melbourne University in 2005. He is also registered with The Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Engin has established a strong medical background, working in such hospitals as Epworth Freemasons and St Vincent Hospital. In that period he gained extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries.

After working with physiotherapist Simon Wilson in Essendon, Engin joined the Glenroy Physiotherapy Team in 2005.

Engin’s strong analytical and problem-solving skills allow him to recognize and address individual needs and establish appropriate strategies to accommodate these needs. By combining his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and an understanding of the working environment, Engin is able to personalize a program to ensure optimal physical performance for all patients.

Engin specializes in sports injuries, work-related pain and injuries, headaches, postural pain, overuse injuries, back and neck pain and shoulder pain. His personal focus is on the integration of exercise and manual therapy.

Engin completed a 2-year course in Shiatsu Therapy. Shiatsu was developed as a harmonizing therapy to promote health and well-being and has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can simply be described as Japanese manual therapy. It is based on the theory of acupuncture and incorporates principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Shiatsu Therapy involves a range of techniques to apply pressure with fingers, palms, elbows and feet along with the pressure points, stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself. It is exceptionally effective in reducing stress, a major cause of depression, and alleviating an array of symptoms such as neck, shoulder and back pain, migraines, injuries, muscular pain, asthmatic problems and insomnia.

Engin will be continuing his studies and will go on to do his Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2009. Engin has a big interest in sport, he was playing Handball for the State Victorian Team and represented Australia.