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Tips on improving your health

Tips for keeping in shape

We live in a world saturated with infomercials, books and magazines all telling us how to stay in shape. Yet astonishingly, we hear that obesity is on the rise - among adults and children alike. Many people give up trying to keep in shape because the process sounds too difficult, too expensive or too time-consuming. This article gives some simple tips to help you get in shape and stay that way.

Unless you have a thyroid problem or some type of hormonal imbalance that is keeping you out of shape, the following tips can be helpful:

See your doctor

Your doctor will determine if you fall into either of the above categories and can treat you to correct the problem. You will also be informed of your physical condition and what activities you should avoid. This advice is helpful whether you suffer from an illness or not.

Consult your physiotherapist

We can tailor a fitness regimen to your needs and physical condition, taking your lifestyle into consideration.

Watch what you eat

A diet that consists mainly of junk food is loaded with calories from carbohydrates and fat. Eat healthful, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meat and you will see (and feel) a difference.


In addition to following your physiotherapist's advice, try to incorporate movement into your daily routine. Walk to as many places as you can. Park your car a distance away from the store entrance when you go shopping. Take the stairs.

Join a fitness centre

As you become stronger, you may wish to increase your workout. There are lots of places where you can swim, play tennis, racquetball or some other sport without spending much money. Take advantage of those.

Get a buddy

Working out with a friend can help on those days when your motivation may be low.

Join a boot camp

Get moving and have fun with a group of fitness-seeking people. Most boot camps group participants into groups of similar fitness levels to encourage you to work hard but not feel like you are always catching up.

Reward yourself

When you reach a milestone, reward yourself with some type of gift. It's your choice.

Staying in shape should become a lifestyle, not something you do for a month or two. If you follow these simple tips you will feel better and be fit for life.


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